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?整理 ?【奧地利 Vienna Maestro Grand 鋼琴烤漆 中置喇叭】??詳細的產品規格與使用介紹如下



  • 品號:2119107

  • 商品是一個中置
  • 喇叭前方有黑色罩網


At the heart of theater is the human voice. Our ears are most attuned to catch every subtle nuanceof this expressive instrument.

Being the hardest working speaker in a surround system, the quality level of a center channel is ofmajor importance to a system. Film sound springs to life from the Maestro Grand with a naturalnessand intensity to match any of the Vienna Acoustics Grand main speakers. This extraordinary centerspeaker features an iris-shaped tweeter mounting block that allows this advanced 1" silk dome tweeterto work in perfect harmony with the dual 6" mid-bass drivers, utilizing Vienna Acoustics' proprietarySpider Cone technology, in order to offer unrestrained dynamics and unparalleled detail in giving voiceto even the most sophisticated of theater systems.

Handcrafted enclosures in beautiful wood finishes define the Vienna Acoustics aesthetic. The GrandSeries features the following selections to complement any interior: Piano black, Maple, Cherry, andRosewood.

Absolutely new is Maestro's tweeter, an implementation of the technologyfound in the ultra high-end reference center channel, ORATORIO. The 1"silk-dome tweeter incorporates a triple stack neodymium magnet assemblymounted within an integral decoupling iris-shaped mounting block toreduce any extraneous resonance. Housing the tweeter in this assembleallows the tweeter to be positioned above the mid-bass drivers, assuringexceptional dispersion characteristics, as well as open and effortless highfrequency response.

The two new 6" mid/bass Spidercone drivers used, based on the 7"reference driver found in BEETHOVEN Concert Grand, offer perfectbass dynamics combined with clear and natural midrange performance.

The development of this driver was made possible by the experiencegained in the development of X3P, which is a cone material that blendsVienna Acoustics exclusive TPX polymer and three polypropylene basedsynthetics to allow for maximum inner damping for midrange clarity, whilethe spidercone ribs provide maximum stability for bass impulses. Finally,these drivers benefit from a new inverted rubber surround design thatconstitutes a breakthrough in no loss damping of cone edge resonances.MAESTRO uses two of these unique drivers, combined with dual frontports, for ultra-fast, linear, and muscular bass extension to 38 Hz.

MAESTRO is 100% shielded.

A completely new linear crossover layout, with the copper circuit pathsarranged in the direction of electron flow, takes into account the potentialfor sympathetic and parasitic interactions among crossover componentsthat may inject unwanted noise and distortions while allowing for moredirect and efficient transfer of signal to the drivers which leads to a greaterlevel of detail and purity.

New proprietary cabling, consisting of large scale solid copper conductors,with each cable pairing precisely twisted a prescribed number of turns forthe particular length of each cable so that any noise injection through thewiring harness is avoided.

New gold-and-silver alloy terminals for lowest transfer resistance anddurability are directly connected to the crossover circuit board to ensurecomplete current delivery and no loss of clarity in the signal transfer frombinding post to crossover.

Cabinets boast massive baffles that are 1.25" thick, 25% thicker thanprevious models, for maximum rigidity and resonance control.

Maple and Cherry finishes join a revised Rosewood, applied to the highestof standards using the state-of-the-art veneer-wrapping technology forthe front and rear baffles first pioneered on the Classic series. A true PianoBlack lacquer is now available, the quality of which will permit inclusioninto any living room as it mirrors its surroundings.

Innovative and unique grilles feature an aluminum frame that incorporatesan integral V-shaped phase diffuser to control dispersion so that they canbe left on for all but the most critical listening without an adverse influenceon performance. In fact, it can be used as an additional tuning device forthe audio enthusiast, benefiting soundstage presentation both in depthand stereo imaging. As an additional benefit, the V-shaped groove runningthe length of the middle of the grille results in a more elegant appearancefor the speaker.

The pressure within the cabinet is inconceivably high. Besides the massivethickness of the tube, the only way solid enough is to screw the port tubesto the cabinet. Furthermore, the exact length of the ports determinesthe right and only frequency „fb" of the port-cabinet-driver system; thistuning is a matter of millimeters. The dual front bass-reflex ports increaseMAESTRO Grand´s dynamic capabilities and are used with two differentlengths.

DescriereBass Reflex, 2 x Front PortedPutere RMSRecommended Amplifiers Drive Units

30 - 200 WattsRaspuns in frecventa38-22000 HzDifuzoare2 x 6" Bass/Midrange Driver X3P Cone Spidercone Technology

1 " Dome-Tweeter Hand-coated VA Silk DomeImpedanta nominala (EN 600065)4 OhmsDimensiuni590 x 172 x 291 mmGreutate30lbsAlte caracteristiciMKP Capacitors 1% Tolerance

Coils 0,7% tol., Exclusively Air Coils

Metal Film Resistors, 1% tol., Inductance Free







<澳盛飛行御璽卡>NT$18=1點 <澳盛飛行白金卡>NT$20=1點飛行積金


商品特色 飛行御璽卡 刷卡滿額享2,000點飛行積金 回饋再升級 再享第二重刷卡禮8,333點飛行積金 活動期間: 2016/09/01~2016/09/30 第一重刷卡禮 : 活動期間透過網路成功申辦澳盛飛行御璽卡正卡,於核卡日後30天內刷卡消費達5次,且每筆簽單金額均達NT$888(含)以上,並成功繳交年費,享2,000點飛行積金。 第二重刷卡禮: 活動期間成功申辦飛行御璽卡正卡,於核卡日後90天內刷滿15萬元,並依約繳交年費,即可獲得8,333點飛行積金(含原NT$23=1點飛行積金之6,521點飛行積金)。 >>立即申辦:澳盛銀行線上辦卡作業 新申辦澳盛指定白金卡 享新戶好禮 飛行白金卡新戶 刷卡滿額享 1,500點飛行積金 回饋再升級 再享第二重刷卡禮 5,000點飛行積金
活動期間: 2016/09/01~2016/09/30 活動期間透過網路成功新申辦澳盛銀行指定白金卡正卡,於核卡日後30天內,符合條件即可獲得指定新戶刷卡禮。
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